Brad Pitt Love Stories History

Brad Pitt‘s latest movie, “The Tree of Life,” took home top esteem at 2011′s Cannes Film Festival. In repute of this, Mag Trends are taking a deep look on the long list of the beautiful and graceful ladies he’s dated.

Brad Pitt has a relationship with Heather Haas in the late 80′s. She is one of the woman who had a relationship with Brad before his fame.

Shalane McCall, has considered to be a rumor relationship with Brad Pitt in 1987.

Christina Applegate, Relationship in 1988.

Sinitta, a British ’80s pop singer has a relationship with Brad Pitt from 1988-89.

Robin Givens, Relationship in 1989. People saw Brad picking up Givens for the date.

Elizabeth Daily, Brad’s Relationship with her is also a rumored relationship in 1989.

Jill Schoelen, Brad was engaged with Jill and this engagement only lasts for three months in 1989.

Juliette Lewis, A relationship from 1989-93. These two meet in the movie, Too Young to Die. At that time Lewis was just 16 years old and Brad was 10 years senior than her.

Jitka Pohlodek, Brad was in relationship with Jitka, a model, from 1993-95.

Thandie Newton, A Relationship in 1994. She became famous because of Mission Impossible II.

Gwyneth Paltrow, A relationship from 1994-1997. Couple had matching haircuts.

Claire Forlani, a famous lead and co-star with Brad in Meet Joe Black had a relationship in 1998.

Jennifer Aniston, Brad began dated with her in 1998, they also got married from 2000-05.

Angelina Jolie, The Brad’s last but not the least relationship is with Angelina from 2005-present. Lets see how long it will go.