Step by Step Hairstyle Style Pin Up

Step by Step Hairstyle Style Pin Up - You too are a fan of pin up style?  We teach you how to make this kind of hairstyle step by step.

Step by Step Hairstyle Style Pin Up

The elegance more sexy, chic originality and modernity more retro. This is the pin up style , which takes a few seasons, sweeping the makeup , the hairstyles and fashion in general. Now I teach this style of realizarte hairstyles step by step … Without much difficulty! We’ll provide a step by step styling to give you the famous victory rolls , the name given to those strands of hair coiled and fixed as if by magic in your head. They originate in the 40′s and today have reached popularized by celebrities such as Dita Von Teese or, with a modern flair, Gwen Stefani . Some are single or double, but that will teach you the simple, which is like a toupee but much more sophisticated.

Before you begin, know that although we will make this victory roll at the front, it is important that the lock is long, so with a bang not get this effect.

Conclusion: It is better not to have a very straight bangs, thick and short.

Step by step

1. Separate a lock on your front fairly thick, on which we work. The rest of the hair pick it up in a ponytail to avoid mixing and bother you.Then you can get a bow or let loose to give a rounded shape to the tips to match your victory roll . 

2. The first thing to do is make the plates a lock of hair to go to work.It is essential wavy easier to roll it, to better match the shape of the waves. Do not forget to use a heat protector that also provide a slight fixation. 

3. Then brush the lock with a soft bristle brush to give lightness to the waves. To ensure a natural setting and a touch of brightness, we recommend that before you get to the next step Lay a small amount of wax binding the hands, and that extends into the lock. 

4. He plays the most critical step: rolling . Start from the tip and roll inward toward the front. When you reach the desired height, fixed to the scalp with hairpins the same color as your hair inside the roll of hair you’ve created. 

5. The pin up look , the hair should be very defined, so we shall be very careful and roll up very slowly so there are no bumps or loose hairs. 

6. Play the final assessment to prevent your victory roll move, but not look caked. Use a lacquer superstrong but with movement, and fixation and not get stiff.

Step by Step Hairstyle Style Pin Up